Canvas ps3 slideshow

A PS3 like slideshow which only use Canvas tag from HTML5.

  • Canvas
  • HTML5


Meteora is an homebrew game on Nintendo DS.

  • Dual screen in 3D
  • Colliding engine with 1200 sprites
  • Network game

This is one of my biggest personnal project.

  • C++
  • Nintendo DS


A Books/DVD library manager using Amazon for autocompletion.

  • PHP
  • Zend framework
  • Amazon API

Misc Experiments

GWT Canvas Physical Engine

A proof of concept. I have tried to convert the JBOX2D library in JavaScript with the GWT compiler. I have just made a little graphic engine to show it with Canvas tag.

  • HTML5
  • GWT

Neural OCR

Experiment with Neural Network and Java web start. The program can recognize easily different form.

  • Java
  • Encog


SVS (Small Version System) is a small versioning library in java to handle different versions of an object in memory.

  • Java